GMWDA transfers into the GMCA

From 1st April 2018, the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority transferred all its duties, obligations and statutory powers for waste disposal to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. The move is part of the 2014 ground-breaking devolution agreement.
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Solar Farm

GMCA’s solar farm situated at the Salford Road Resource Recovery Facility in Bolton was opened in January 2016. At full capacity, the solar farm is set to produce around 2 million kWh of electricity every year, which is enough to power approximately 600 homes. It comprises over 8,000 individual solar panels across 6.8 acres (296,208 square feet).

The electricity produced by the solar panels is used to power the In-Vessel Composting facility (IVC) at Salford Road.

The addition of the solar farm at the Salford Road facility makes the site even more environmentally-friendly and will help GMWDA to significantly reduce its energy consumption and operate more sustainably. Any surplus energy produced by the solar farm is fed back into the National Grid.

Facts and Figures

• Designed and built by contractors Styles and Wood Energy

• Funded and wholly owned by the GMCA

• Part of the Environmental Strategy to provide a sustainable environmentally-friendly waste management solution for Greater Manchester

• One of the largest ‘public’ sector solar farm sites (296,208 square feet) with 8,400 solar panels

• Set to produce around 2 million kWh of electricity every year which will be used to power the IVC

• Estimated carbon savings of over 1,100 tonnes per annum; contributing to the 48% carbon reduction target for Greater Manchester.

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority