Influencing and informing waste policy

With our expertise and knowledge, we are working hard to shape the future of England’s waste strategy. We are clear in what we want to achieve – a long term waste and recycling policy with effective regulation and enforcement.

Our work

Working with six other Joint Waste Disposal Authorities we have already called on the Government to reject the proposed 65% European Union (EU) recycling targets and instead adopt an independent resource agenda for England.

We recognise that the delivery of our aim of ‘zero waste’ is dependent on innovation within industry to enable a greater proportion of waste to be reduced, reused and recycled. We are working hard to influence the supply chain to produce more sustainable goods and services and take responsibility for the waste they produce. We are asking the government to do more in the development of producer responsibility legislation, and responsibility deals. We will continue to offer support and advice on how these should be implemented to reduce household waste.

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority