GMWDA Recycling and Waste Contract Announcement

The Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) can confirm that significant efficiency savings and operational improvements have been sought from its Recycling and Waste Management PFI Contract held with Viridor Laing (Greater Manchester) Ltd (VLGM) to ensure mitigation of the predicted rise in the levy from this year.

Whilst a range of efficiency savings options have been explored in partnership with VLGM and their sub-contractor Viridor, constraints within the new EU Procurement Regulations (2014) have meant that the savings identified cannot be taken forward through the existing contractual arrangements. Coupled with some technical and operational challenges in the contract, it is with some regret that GMWDA and VLGM have mutually agreed to terminate the Recycling and Waste Management PFI Contract from 29th September 2017.

Whilst this decision has not been taken lightly, GMWDA will work closely with all stakeholders to provide updates as quickly as possible. With the support of Viridor, interim arrangements have been agreed to enable GMWDA to continue to provide recycling and waste processing and treatment while GMWDA procures new recycling and waste services. This arrangement will ensure that kerbside collection and Household Waste Recycling Centre services will continue as normal for residents of Greater Manchester. GMWDA remains committed to protecting front-line public services, maximising recycling and minimising waste whilst achieving the required savings for authority partners.

Completion of the termination arrangements is expected to take place from 29th September 2017 and are conditional upon: (i) completion of the transfer of Viridor Laing into GMWDA ownership; (ii) finalisation of a number of outstanding confidential commercial issues and (iii) approval of the terms of the consensual termination by the lenders to the Project.

Councillor Nigel Murphy, Chair, Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority.

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