GMWDA transfers into the GMCA

From 1st April 2018, the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority transferred all its duties, obligations and statutory powers for waste disposal to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. The move is part of the 2014 ground-breaking devolution agreement.
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Reliance Street community consultation

We would like to make some improvements to the Reliance Street waste treatment facility. The facility which is currently operated by Viridor Waste Greater Manchester on our behalf treats general waste from the grey bin collections for Manchester City council residents.

Why are changes being made?

The current waste reception building is now more than 30 years old and as part of the new contract we are looking to demolish and replace the building with a new purpose-built Mechanical Treatment and Reception facility.

What are the main changes to the building?

  • It will be smaller in size
  • Operations will be fully enclosed with roller shutter doors which will shut after a vehicle has entered to minimise odours
  • It will have an odour control system designed specifically to the building’s specifications
  • It will have appropriate levels of acoustic dampening to minimise noise from inside the building

There will be no changes made to the recycling centre. It will remain open throughout any proposed building work.


Community Consultation Events

Feedback from the 2 community consultation events has been used to develop the planning application. This will be submitted to Manchester City council in October 2018.

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority