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Waste Education Initiative

The Waste Education Initiative (WASTE-EI) will be the first trans-nationally coordinated effort to identify the need and current state of education surrounding local waste education and the Circular Economy in the school curriculum across Europe.

The project will build upon expertise of the project partners and will develop a diverse range of support materials for students, teachers and the general public. The project legacy will leave behind ‘waste citizens’, learning resources, stronger links with waste management organisations, a resource centre (website) and an App to enable the project to continue after the funding period.

In addition, the initiative will enable partners in other Member States to understand the benefits of the Manchester Model, coupled with the complimentary education activities, to achieve EU recycling and landfill diversion targets and transition to a Circular Economy. The project is unique because other Member States can adopt the techniques being delivered in Manchester, after they have been developed to suit local requirements.

The project Waste Education Initiative (WASTE-EI) aims to:

• develop and deliver classroom based education (waste hierarchy, mainly prevention and reuse) alongside circular economy principles, teaching aids, website and resource network.
• educate school teachers in bespoke workshops so that waste educational resources can be delivered within schools in the EU.
• local waste infrastructure visits – educating young people on the importance of local waste management requirements to ensure clean, high quality recycling is produced to enable local re-manufacturing to replace raw materials.
• prepare young people for the green sector opportunities being presented by the Circular Economy Transition, decoupling economic growth from material consumption.
• develop a complimentary online resource centre with relevant, current information to support the teaching activities.
• create an intelligently designed and mobile phone app for partners to use to support and develop their education activities.
• Waste Carbon Literacy – a world first unique training programme with the aim to raise awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities associated with waste and the Circular Economy and the ability and motivation to reduce carbon emissions on an individual, community and organisational basis

For more information: Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council


Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority