Local Authorities

We work closely with our nine district partners to jointly work towards achieving:

  • 55% household recycling by 2025
  • 60% recycling across the 20 Household Waste Recycling Centres by 2021
  • At least 90% diversion from landfill by 2021

This partnership across the local authorities is one of three critical elements of delivering our ambitions:

The agreement and implementation of our four bin system to deliver consistency of materials collected for both recycling and disposal was a key achievement.

All nine local authorities now collect from households four streams of waste: mixed recycling (glass, cans and plastic bottles); paper and card recycling; food and garden waste recycling and non-recyclables.

We have a matrix of formal and non-formal communications to ensure the smooth running of both our day to day operations in terms of receipt of waste and recycling into our facilities and our long terms strategic plans.

In addition, we support our local authorities in delivering joint communications campaigns through Recycle for Greater Manchester to inform and educate residents to change their behaviour and recycle right and recycle more.

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority

Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority